For Distributors & Reps

Surgio was designed Rep Forward for your benefit because we’ve been there. Instead of utilizing dozens of separate applications and systems to manage calendars, contacts, accounts, inventory, etc., Surgio intuitively organizes that information in one place. Consolidate and plan all your procedures for all your lines in one place. Access contract pricing and share the billing information right out of Surgio.

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Case & Inventory Management
  • PO Consolidation & Reporting
  • Flexible Analytics

For Manufacturers

ERP systems were not built to effectively facilitate the fast-paced logistical environment we face in medical devices. They are complex and rely on tribal knowledge of each system to manage effectively. Fast growing manufacturers rely on Surgio to streamline communication between the field sales teams, customer service, and logistics/operations. By offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface, you don’t have to be a power user to manage inventory. Leverage Surgio to enhance processes and optimize distribution logistics.

  • Electronic Billing
  • Expiry Tracking
  • Track Chain of Custody
  • Accurate and Efficient Forecasting Based on Data

For Hospitals

Gain insight to inventory owned, consigned, and loaned into your facilities. Facilitate better communication with your Vendor partners to ensure the right inventory is available when the patient needs it. Simple user experiences and intelligent automations are welcomed by hospital staff and vendors, alike, as Surgio replaces the antiquated manual systems/processes. Digital tracking provides better analytics to identify trends in real-time and eliminate the reactive environment many facilitates operate within.

  • Loaner Vendor Intake & Communication
  • Instrumentation Break/Fix Status Automation
  • RFID Automated Innovations
  • Systemwide Inventory Management & Vision

Case management is just the beginning...

Securely store documents

Upload and attach photos and documents to cases, profiles, trays, tubs, products and more. View and download files anywhere, any time.

Keep everyone in the loop notifies your team when cases are scheduled and updated. Customize them so you can stay in the loop on just what is important to you.

Easily manage data keeps your data organized and easy to find saving you time and frustration.

See trends

See and compare revenue metrics and trends for your surgeons, products, reps and more.

What others have to say about

For us, is a vital resource for keeping track of data and staying organized. It's so easy to use! allows for up to the minute planning thanks to instant notifications and it helps us to eliminate last minute delays and mistakes.

Travis Holmgren President, Oasis Surgical